Women, Work and Development (WWD)

Small businesses have insignificant influence over economy development particularly when there is no platform to represent their common needs to the business community, in government and parliament and among donor agencies.

 Their work remain only a means of livelihood for the household if no bridging activities are undertaken to shift small businesses to medium and large size businesses to become the driver of economy.

In Afghanistan, majority of women owned businesses are small and one can hardly measure their influence on economy. Even though, there are money business associations in various sectors focused on women’s economic activities, their work to facilitate women’s participation in economy in a sustainable way is missing.

The Women, Work and Development (WWD) is filling this gap and it is going to be an association of businesswomen that would consider three elements in women’s participation in business: Their entry, growth and sustainability in business.

The ultimate goal of WWD is to provide a platform to improve the business climate for women businesses to grow and derive the economy through development of innovative business ideas, ope-rationalization of these ideas by facilitating access to networks, resources, market and economic opportunities. 


Seeds of Change (SoC)

SoC going to be the network of vibrant and dynamic Afghan professional women and men who stand for advancing women’s leadership. SoC provides a platform for professional advancement of women, sharing knowledge, connecting and leveraging talents, and advocating for women to aspire the pace of change in the mindsets and fabrics of the Afghan society. The ultimate goal of the platform is to empower women, scale up their capacities, advocate and support their efforts in taking leadership role within or outside of the government institutions.