About us

The Women’s Center - TWC remains determined in creating a national hub for development of women’s capacity to influence the pace of transformation in Afghanistan. Through education and research, policy advocacy, networking, academic conferences, economic forums, mentoring and internship.

Our Vision

A peaceful, stable, democratic, prosperous, and pluralistic Afghanistan where women exercise their capabilities to their fullest potential.

Our mission

Creating an enabling environment to boost the women’s meaningful and active role in development of Afghanistan through education, research and collaboration. 

Our Values

  • Transparency, integrity and honesty
  • Commitment to excellence and maintaining public’s trust
  • Respect for pluralism and diversity
  • Respect for the worth and dignity and worth of individuals
  • Commitment to maintaining the highest standards of veracity, validity, reliability, and methodological rigor in its research activities

Strategic Objectives:  

Intermediate Outcome I: To become the leading research body in Afghanistan to influence national priorities and plans for women.

Intermediate Outcome II: To seek and expand opportunities for the sustainable growth of women-owned businesses to create jobs and have a positive impact on economy.

Intermediate Outcome III: To enhance the human development of Afghan women through customized and specialized education programs to enable them confidently act in different sectors as both employers and employees

Intermediate Outcome IV: To establish social and political support systems to connect, inform, and advocate for women’s leadership at all levels.

What Makes Our Center Different?

The goal of stimulating Afghanistan’s economy by tapping into the energy and ingenuity of the nation’s women has captured international interest. The number of development sector initiatives to further this goal has been significant over the last decade, but many organizations are considering scaling down or halting their activities as Afghanistan faces an uncertain security environment in the coming years. The permanence of our center and its affiliate, the American University of Afghanistan, stand in marked contrast.

The Women's Center is the centerpiece of the American University’s new 80-acre campus. With AUAF’s strong undergraduate business program and post-graduate MBA program, the university and the women’s center will be mutually supportive, with both institutions planning on growing their capabilities in the years to come.