Networking – Cross Cutting

Networking is essential for Afghan women’s professional development. Evidence suggests that economic empowerment of women correlates with empowerment of women in the social, political and cultural spheres. The leadership of women in these spheres and their connectivity for collective action has the potential to affect wide-ranging changes for all women. Therefore, networking is considered a cross-cutting component that cuts across all the three pillars of this strategic framework. The strategic intent behind networking is to help advocate for women to be part of the national and local decision-making process, and to have voice in peace-building, democratic development, and women’s human rights.

The networking component will focus on:

  • Supporting the emerging of women leaders across all sectors in Afghanistan.
  • Improving women’s collective intellectual capital and their bargaining power to lead change for an entire generation of women of Afghanistan.
  • Ensuring the development of Afghan women’s agency by creating women’s professional groups from all disciplines to connect with, inform, and advocate for women’s empowerment.
  • Engaging alumni of different programs for continues learning and growth

TWC provides a support infrastructure for women’s integration in the national economy and national leadership through:

  • Meetings
  • Conferences/forums
  • Symposiums