Economic Development

TWC expands opportunities for the sustainable growth of women-owned businesses and enhances employment of women in the public and private sphere through:

  • Economic Forums, Conferences and Symposiums: In April, 2017, TWC conducted an international Economic Forum on Women’s Entrepreneurship. The Economic Forum served as a critical policy advocacy tool which brought together prominent authorities from the Government of Afghanistan, representatives of foreign Embassies in Afghanistan, Donor Agencies, civil society representatives and media, students, scholars and guest speakers from USA, India and Sri Lanka. During the three days of the event, the participants had fruitful discussions and recommendations for creating improved women entrepreneurship environment, challenges, and effective solutions to strengthen and maintain the growth towards economic empowerment of Afghan women.
  • Professional Development Certification Training Program (PDCTP):

Since the initiation of Professional Development Certification Training Program (PDCTP), TWC trained around 400 businesswomen and girls with potential business ideas on business management subjects, such as: Business Management and Leadership,

  • Skill development, mentoring, and enhancement of access to economic opportunities, resources and markets;
  • Mobilizing leading businesses to create labor-intensive jobs and sustainable income for women through a value chain approach;
  • Internship opportunities to improve employability of young women.

The following conferences & Forums have been conducted: